Local food makers keeping prices tight

Let's be real - most shoppers have no idea how hard it is for a local brand to make it into grocery stores - let alone make money in the process. Most of us are trying to lose as little money as possible, while growing to the point where investors might find us attractive enough … Continue reading Local food makers keeping prices tight

Breastfeeding mothers’ little helper

At least once a month, whether we're sampling in stores, at an event or chatting at our farmer's market booth, someone brings up the connection between oats and breast milk production. So we did a little Googling over the holidays, and found 3 articles on the subject we thought worth sharing. To our delight, oats … Continue reading Breastfeeding mothers’ little helper

Show your heart some love – February is heart-health month

It's no coincidence that this month of Valentines is also officially heart-health month. You can show your own heart some extra love this month by building steel-cut oats into your daily meal routine. So much has been written about the many health benefits from these amazing grains. We like these two pieces - one from … Continue reading Show your heart some love – February is heart-health month

Bearprints spotted in more Twin Cities locations than ever

Ok that was just a headline to get your attention. Because if you're like us you get alot of stuff on your phone or computer you try to avoid. But maybe if you think there are bears running around you'd want to know where they are. Luckily they're probably hibernating by now - at least … Continue reading Bearprints spotted in more Twin Cities locations than ever

Stay Safe, Friends

First off - we'd like to extend our absolute best wishes to friends close and far. As we all work to adjust our daily rhythms, it's so important to seek experiences that bring us joy, love and comfort. Outdoor walks feel especially good to us right now. And if cozying up with a bowl of … Continue reading Stay Safe, Friends

Go-to foods for nursing moms

We've picked up a theme recently at the farmer's market and in conversations during store samplings: more and more new moms are incorporating oats to help stimulate lactation. This recent piece from Medical News Today covers the topic more fully. Thanks to all the feedback, we're now experimenting with a new 3 Bear Oats bowl … Continue reading Go-to foods for nursing moms

Now at Seward Coop!

May is full of new life and energy. And for 3 Bear Oats, a new retail partner! We started selling May 2019 at Seward Community Coop! An amazing group of people serving the Seward area and supporting local growers and makers. Seward also marks the exclusive debut of our second vegan flavor, Shangri-La - berbere … Continue reading Now at Seward Coop!