Breastfeeding mothers’ little helper

At least once a month, whether we're sampling in stores, at an event or chatting at our farmer's market booth, someone brings up the connection between oats and breast milk production. So we did a little Googling over the holidays, and found 3 articles on the subject we thought worth sharing. To our delight, oats … Continue reading Breastfeeding mothers’ little helper

Go-to foods for nursing moms

We've picked up a theme recently at the farmer's market and in conversations during store samplings: more and more new moms are incorporating oats to help stimulate lactation. This recent piece from Medical News Today covers the topic more fully. Thanks to all the feedback, we're now experimenting with a new 3 Bear Oats bowl … Continue reading Go-to foods for nursing moms

3 Bears now at Kowalski’s

Look for us at all Minneapolis-St. Paul area Kowalski's Markets starting this June. We'll be in the freezer case with 4 flavors: Little Bears Breakfast (Dairy Free), Petite Canadienne, Orso Toscano (Vegetarian) and Cottage Garden (Vegan). Ranging from sweet to savory, our heat & eat oat bowls are a quick, healthy go-to any time of … Continue reading 3 Bears now at Kowalski’s