Missing those free store samples? You’re not alone.

Apparently we aren't the only ones to miss grazing store samples on our grocery trips these days! Twin Cities Live featured 3 Bear Oats and 4 other local food makers who aren't able to sample in stores due to the Coronavirus. Of course it makes complete sense not to have food out in the open, … Continue reading Missing those free store samples? You’re not alone.

Stay Safe, Friends

First off - we'd like to extend our absolute best wishes to friends close and far. As we all work to adjust our daily rhythms, it's so important to seek experiences that bring us joy, love and comfort. Outdoor walks feel especially good to us right now. And if cozying up with a bowl of … Continue reading Stay Safe, Friends

Join us in helping bears down under

Join 3 Bear Oats in supporting Australia's Petbarn relief efforts -- money, evacuation centers, food and vet care for Australia's pets and native animals affected by bushfires. We are donating 50 cents of every 3 Bear Oats bowl purchased from 2/14 to 3/14. Fires have had a devastating impact on animals. Animal welfare organizations are … Continue reading Join us in helping bears down under

Barre, Yoga… and Oats?

I think so! This past week we were able to share our product with two local fitness communities: Blooma and The Barre Method.  Blooma is a holistic wellness studio for moms-to-be, new mothers, and their families. Through yoga, barre, childbirth education, wellness and a community of support, Blooma nourishes the mind, body and spirit. We … Continue reading Barre, Yoga… and Oats?

Go-to foods for nursing moms

We've picked up a theme recently at the farmer's market and in conversations during store samplings: more and more new moms are incorporating oats to help stimulate lactation. This recent piece from Medical News Today covers the topic more fully. Thanks to all the feedback, we're now experimenting with a new 3 Bear Oats bowl … Continue reading Go-to foods for nursing moms

7-Day Sugar Challenge and Our Oats

The New York Times recently put out its 7-day sugar challenge. We encourage you to give it a try - avoiding too much added sugar is a key to healthy eating. Frequent questions related to the challenge include coffee and, yes, oats - so we can't resist chiming in! Our Orso Toscano and Cottage Garden … Continue reading 7-Day Sugar Challenge and Our Oats

Great day at Fit Studios

We recently spent a fun day at Fit Studio, with an invitation to sample and sell our bowls. Some early risers over there! We woke at 5 to make a fresh batch of oats and get all set up between the 5 and 6am classes. It was amazing to observe the physical and emotional transformations … Continue reading Great day at Fit Studios

Creative Grain Bowls: Put an egg on it

We're loving the creativity being brought to traditional grains. So many interesting and easy recipes appear every week. Here's a list from Bon Appetit adding an egg to 32 different grain bowls. We've had raves about our Cottage Garden with an egg on top, or divided in half as a side with a nice fish … Continue reading Creative Grain Bowls: Put an egg on it