We make

Find solace any season with our organic steel cut artisan grain bowls. on hand, ready to enjoy in minutes any time of day or night.

Our aim is to soothe the soul and strengthen the body with sweet and savory spins off a comforting, classic grain.

With naturally gluten-free recipes inspired by flavors from home and abroad, we offer delicious healthy breakfasts and creative alternatives to rice or pasta meals. ingredients are organic and sourced from local farmers whenever possible. our bowls are 100% compostable. keep on hand in the freezer for months, or 5 days in the frige.

Explore vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, high fiber, high protein, low sugar, low sodium options. enjoy as a complete meal, hearty snack, or portioned as a side for two.

Little Bear’s Breakfast

Cinnamon-dusted apples, a seed and nut mix with a spoonful of honey – our most classic bowl. Dairy-free.

La Petite Canadienne

Bacon and cheese with a touch of pure maple syrup.

Alpine Trek

Dark chocolate, peanut butter & banana chips harken back to mountain trail mix. Vegan.

Orso Toscano

An earthy mushroom-leek mix and parmesan mimic risotto. Vegetarian.

Cottage Garden

Seasonal vegetables, sesame oil and kimchi. Reminiscent of a Korean rice bowl. Vegan


A kick of turmeric-laced berbere spices and ginger evoke an Indian rice bowl. Vegan.

Delivery via Instacart  or Shipt through the stores where we are sold, or Market Wagon. pre-order at our Square site and pick up at farmer’s markets. find us in the freezer section at local co-ops and grocery stores.

We are incredibly grateful for the talented and supportive community of commercial kitchens, local co-ops, farmers markets, thought-leaders, peer mentors and makers, and craftspeople who grow, source and provide the facilities and know-how required to bring such an uncompromising product to market.

We also would not be anywhere without the loyal followers, friends and media who find us in the markets and co-ops, who help get the word out, and who keep us energized with feedback.

Please join us in supporting each other with every 3 Bear Oats bite!