find solace any season with our steel cut artisan oatmeal recipes. join us at Minneapolis farmers markets to soothe the soul with spoonfuls of sweet and savory spins off a healthy, comforting, classic.

inspired by flavors from home and abroad, here are a variety of recipes currently available:

Little Bear’s Breakfast – start the day caramelized with honey & cinnamon dusted apples

La Petite Canadienne – bacon, cheese with a hint of pure maple syrup

Orso Toscano – an earthy mushroom mix with savory flavors to mimic risotto

Shangri-la – a kick of Turmeric-laced Tandoori spices & ginger

Alpine Trek – dark chocolate & banana chunks harkening back to mountain trail mix

we source organic ingredients from a talented community of local co-ops and craftspeople – spices, seasonings, maple syrup, mushrooms, honey, fruits and ancient grain granolas. help us support them with every 3 Bear Oats bite.