Local food makers keeping prices tight

Let’s be real – most shoppers have no idea how hard it is for a local brand to make it into grocery stores – let alone make money in the process. Most of us are trying to lose as little money as possible, while growing to the point where investors might find us attractive enough to help grow longer-term.

Big shout out to Twin Cities Live for calling attention to 4 local Minnesota brands working especially hard to not raise prices, or actually lower them. We’re proud to be on that list and featured in their broadcast last week (click the Twin Cities Live link to view the segment). Despite many of our ingredient costs going up by more than 25% during the great supply chain and inflation disruptions these past 2 years, we lowered our wholesale price a year ago. As a result we’ve seen the prices most shoppers pay decline by about 50 cents per bowl. It takes a massive amount of work and conviction to make this possible, and we’re assuming the same is true for any other brands who don’t automatically pass price increases on to shoppers!

Thank you Kelli Hanson for featuring this story on the show, and to the other makers:

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