Europe, a dinner party & lots of feedback: Therese dishes with Stephanie Hansen

Stephanie Hansen is one of those heavenly souls we makers cherish for their support of the local community. It’s hard enough to come up with a novel idea. It’s next-level hard to bring that idea out into the world, capture interest, and inspire someone to pay actual money to try it. And to keep going! Stephanie knows the challenges better than most. She’s interviewed dozens of local makers in her weekly podcast, @makersofmn. As an entrepreneur herself, she knows the roller coaster of emotions in starting a business. And as a cookbook author and food writer, she knows really good food and how to spot the next big thing. So naturally Therese was thrilled to be asked to speak with Stephanie about 3 Bear Oats in this Episode 15 of Season 4. Have fun listening, and as always we appreciate you helping spread the word with friends and fam. Thank you Stephanie, and please check out StephaniesDish for more great inspiration.

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