Bearprints spotted in more Twin Cities locations than ever

Ok that was just a headline to get your attention. Because if you’re like us you get alot of stuff on your phone or computer you try to avoid. But maybe if you think there are bears running around you’d want to know where they are. Luckily they’re probably hibernating by now – at least we don’t know of any specific locations where real bears are, except in the zoo.

If you’re still here, hopefully you’re not mad about being tricked and appreciate this reward: being among the first to know that 3 Bear Oats bowls are making their way onto the shelves of Lunds & Byerlys and Jerry’s Foods all across the Twin Cities! By early December you should see those 5 gorgeous colors beaming out from the freezer section (or shop via Instacart – they look really nice there too). We’ve been making more sweet and savory bowls than ever at The Good Acre to send out to the wonderful L&B and Jerry’s stores. Actually 2 big pallets so far. If you don’t know how big a pallet is, well it’s a heckuva lot of hyggae stacked up in one place. Luckily the nice people at L&B and Jerry’s will take our bowls off the pallets, out of the shipping boxes and put them in the freezer case for you to easily place in your shopping basket. All that work behind the scenes, just for you – phew!

Your part is comparatively very easy and truly enjoyable: make a good choice at the store, then heat, stir and feel cozy and pleased with yourself for being smart and treating yourself and your community nicely. The local farmers, local stores and all us makers and the people we employ really appreciate it. Listen to us applaud and say “you go!” Then tell your friends, and go back on your phone or computer for just a minute to share a review.

Let’s all show the love to Lunds & Byerlys and Jerry’s by shopping their stores. Along with Lakewinds, The Wedge, Linden Hills Coop, Kieran’s Kitchen, the U of MN and St. Johns (where we’re in certain refrigerated sections around the campuses), Market Wagon and others . . . we and all the local makers rely on forward-thinking and supportive retailers like these to turn ideas into reality. So get out and find those bears!

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