Market wagon starts delivering in the twin cities

As it cools off and most farmer’s markets close for the season, it can be tough on local makers to find affordable ways to bring their goods to market. Market Wagon is a startup out to address that problem, and has just launched in the Twin Cities. Ordering on the site is easy – choose your items by a certain time each week, and they’re delivered later that week. Behind the scenes we’re preparing your orders and dropping them off at Market Wagon just before they go out to you. So everything stays fresh, it’s one easy trip for the makers, and you get locally-made items delivered right to your home or office. Market Wagon has a selection of bakery, produce, pantry and prepared foods, dairy, meat and non-foods – soaps, tea, herbal throat spray and more. We’re proud to be part of this innovative concept, and hope you’ll support all the makers. We especially love connecting in person at the farmer’s markets when they’re open of course, but when that’s not an option Market Wagon is an easy way to keep supporting each other. Give it a try by clicking on this link and letting us know what you think!

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