We’re all in it together: buying local

What motivates you? “I should” usually triggers a sense of guilt, whereas feeling “I want to” leads to action. Let’s just say that we want you to want to eat more local, and to want to support more local farms and makers by doing so.

There are so many good reasons to seek out more locally-made foods in your diet. We like these 8 from The Spruce Eats, and encourage you to explore your personal reasons through your own research.

It’s actually pretty easy in Minnesota to choose local over big processed food from who knows where. We have an amazing community of farms raising everything from veggies to cheese to maple syrup and healthy animals. And we make a point of working with our main ingredient supplier, Co-op Partners Warehouse, to source from the best local farms.

Here we’re saying a big thank you to the farmers and makers who honor our oat bowls with so much goodness. Some of them are featured in the accompanying photo, and listed below. We’re heading into peak season for locally-grown ingredients, and encourage you to show them lots of love this summer and beyond!

Cottage Garden: Youbetcha Fermentcha kimchi, with carrots and broccoli from Featherstone Farm

Shangri-la: Maazah Chutney brings a perfect balancer to the spice mix

Orso Toscano’s parmesan is thanks to Rochdale Farms, leeks from Hidden Spring Produce in Hillsboro, WI, and mushrooms grown by Gourmet’s Delight

Petite Candienne also owes its cheese to Rochdale Farms, maple syrup to Maple Valley Cooperative and amazing bacon to the folks at Lorentz Meats

Little Bear’s Breakfast apples trace to Hoch Orchard and it’s sweet honey to The Honey House

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