Stay Safe, Friends

First off – we’d like to extend our absolute best wishes to friends close and far.

As we all work to adjust our daily rhythms, it’s so important to seek experiences that bring us joy, love and comfort. Outdoor walks feel especially good to us right now. And if cozying up with a bowl of 3 Bear Oats can play even a small role, we’ve got you covered! We’re now available for online delivery and pickup in two ways:

We’d love to know if you’re interested in other pick-up options. Square is being especially awesome by expanding its support for curbside pickup and delivery options from smaller local businesses.

We hope you continue to find your hygge, even in times like this.

Below are some COVID-19 links that we’ve found informative and helpful. Please share with friends and feel free to contribute other good information sources in the comments.

Love, and be well.

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